While in Honolulu 7/23 (Addendum)

Just outside of a mini fashion boutique, three Japanese men unbox several shiny white mannequin parts & assemble them. One of the men, white mannequin arm in his hand, paces about & directs the other two men by pointing with the white mannequin arm. (Mannequin already looks plural in my eyes, sounds plural in my head & feels plural on my tongue.) Only one mannequin, which is resting on a cardboard box, resembles a body ready to be draped in an expensive flower-printed something.


Should I eat ice cream before my shuttle arrives?

23. July 2015 by Hason
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While in Honolulu 7/22-7/23

I arrive to #HNL on Wednesday 7/22 at 12:57 AM.


I’m not a good or fun traveler. Certainly not by my lonesome. I simply enjoy the air-conditioned room, hotel TV & an occasional burst of an outing. Nothing too extravagant.


6:42 AM: Should I eat? What should I eat? Am I even hungry?

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23. July 2015 by Hason
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#LAX Communique 7/21

1. This morning I received a text message from American Airlines that my flight to Honolulu has been postponed for close to 3 hours. Could this be a sign?

2. In 2004, I attended a talk by Haunani K. Trask who had some great advice about how we can help in the Hawaiian sovereignty struggle: Stop coming [to Hawaii], she said. To express my solidarity, I vowed never to go to Hawaii.

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21. July 2015 by Hason
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Notes on Poetry Manuscript (6)

TITLE: This is for the mostless.
AUTHOR: Jason Magabo Perez
LENGTH: 92 pages
PUBLISHER: Looking for one!
ACTION: Stop. Breathe. Wait.

17. July 2015 by Hason
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Thank you, Quiet Lightning & ArtSpan.

I had a splendid time reading at Modern Eden Gallery in North Beach, San Francisco. Thank you, Evan Karp, and the rest of the Quiet Lightning team, & ArtSpan for organizing such an awesome event. Thank you, Carolyn Cooke, for inviting us to write & read in response to Superhero.

I got to read alongside such fantastic writers/thinkers. Click on their names to peep their readings: Brynn Saito, Jay Santa Cruz, Ahmunet Jessica Jordon, and Randall Babtkiss. (All iPhone camera work by the great & generous Evan Karp.)

O, San Francisco, how I literarily miss you so.

07. July 2015 by Hason
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