Free Film Screening @ SD Public Library TUES 11/18 6:30PM #filamhistory

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06. November 2014 by Hason
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Public Lecture on Filipina Nurses WED 11/12 6:30PM @ San Diego Central Library!

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05. November 2014 by Hason
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Sweat the Technique: New Blog Series

The good familia over at TAYO Literary Magazine has graciously accepted to host a new blog series that I’m writing: Sweat the Technique: Theses on Form & Genre. This series developed out of my desire to reflect on creative writing practice while I continue  working on The Savage Lovebird Project. I’m excited to put some thinking down & to build with you all on some ideas.

Here’s an excerpt:

For the most part, I’ve been disciplined to squeeze my ideas into unfriendly forms and genres. I’ve been uneasy about my relationship to ‘the law of genre.’ I’ve been reluctant about making my writing legible for the wrong reader.


04. November 2014 by Hason

notes on how to arrange a manuscript


1. I’m not calling it a novel, an anti-novel, experimental narrative, anti-memoir or a collection. THE PASSION OF EL HULK HOGANCITO (& OTHER SYMPATHIES) is an ASSEMBLAGE of performance texts, transcripts, critical meditations & archives.
2. How does one arrange, nay, ASSEMBLE, a body of work that spans approximately 13 years of thinking about & delaying & celebrating the failure of this thing we call a novel?
3. Arrange texts through affect/feeling.
4. Chronologically.
5. Via Form.
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08. September 2014 by Hason
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on dramatic texts

A SHORT STORY ain’t a MEMOIR ain’t a NOVEL EXCERPT ain’t a YA NOVEL ain’t a PERFORMANCE TEXT ain’t a MONOLOGUE ain’t a ONE-PERSON PLAY ain’t a TRADITIONAL PLAY ain’t a LITERARY FRAGMENT ain’t a POEM ain’t a SPOKEN WORD TRACK/PIECE ain’t a SCREENPLAY ain’t a TRANSCRIPT ain’t got nothing to do with what I’m trying to write. What I do know is that I’m often frustrated with form/genre/writing writing writing. In 2011, I transformed some novel excerpts into a PLAY. I’m currently trying to transform said PLAY into a MANUSCRIPT of PERFORMANCE TEXTS. What the fuck does that mean? I don’t know, but I do know that I’m obsessive. And thus, here is what I just checked out at the library:

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20. August 2014 by Hason
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