Leonora, archive of (2013)

14 min. | video + performance

DESCRIPTION: Framed by the FBI for murder in 1976, Leonora M. Perez reads and becomes the archive. This video explores performance, ethnography, state/legal violence and historical objects.
PERFORMER: Leonora M. Perez
CINEMATOGRAPHERS: Gail M. Gutierrez, Christopher M. Datiles
SOUND/MUSIC: Arash “Shammy Dee” Haile
LOCATION: Performed and recorded at University of California, San Diego Cross-Cultural Center ArtSpace

OCTOBER 2013. Screened at Philippine American Community Center of Michigan (PACCM) by Paaralang Pilipino Language and Cultural School and Filipino American National Historical Society Michigan Chapter (FANHS-MI). Detroit, MI.

OCTOBER 2013. Screened at Fil Am Fest San Diego by Drive By Cinema/Pacific Arts Movement. Paradise Hills, San Diego, CA.

JUNE 2013. Excerpts screened at TIKIM: New Works in Filipino American Video (w/ works by Gail M. Gutierrez and Erina C. Alejo). University of California, San Diego CALIT2. La Jolla, CA.

APRIL 2013. Excerpts presented at Afterlives of Forms: a round table discussion on form, aesthetics, and practice. Association for Asian American Studies Conference. Seattle, WA.

FUTURE: Please contact me if you’re interested in reviewing this project for a potential screening at your campus, theater, event or simply for your organization. I am also available to lecture and discuss theories and practices that drive this work.

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  1. Hello Dr. Jason Magabo Perez,

    I am designing my syllabus for a U.S. gender history course I am teaching this fall. I saw your documentary of your mother at ICOPHIL 2012 and would really like to show it in my class. Let me know what I can do to gain access to the film. I remember being struck particularly about your mom’s comments about citizenship in the U.S.

    Christine Peralta

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