July 13, 1977: A Remembrance


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13. July 2017 by Hason
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20. June 2017 by Hason
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Listen to an excerpt from The Passion of El Hulk Hogancito. 


05. May 2017 by Hason
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Poetics, Film 3/16 7:30PM Other Books LA

22. February 2017 by Hason
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I Finally Read This Murakami Novel & Invite You To Do So As Well

  1. Read it for feelings. All of them. This is an intimate historiography/ethnography of feelings.
  2. Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki is 36. There’s something about reading fiction that doesn’t speak back to a past you like Drake songs speak back to your late teens; rather, this is the kind of fiction that speaks to a now you, and an always Murakami it seems.
  3. Pedagogy: Murakami is a master gangster at weaving multiple compelling storylines within a simple story frame/premise. Although this particular novel doesn’t include some of the more fantastical (“magical realist”) elements of say, The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, this one still toggles between the past and present and possible so effortlessly, and yes, magically.
  4. When the novel first released, most reviewers were real quick to call out some of Murakami’s and/or his translator’s weaker, less imaginative sentences and passages. I see it. I get it. But, I dig the play here: there’s something “high art” in every Murakami work, and something so undeniably inviting to mass/popular culture. I know: I shouldn’t make that distinction: high brow, low brow. But, by “high art,” I’m thinking about this in terms of race and class. Who reads translated Murakami works in the U.S.? Anyhow, I dig. I dig. A lot.
  5. I’d love to talk to someone about this book. Or to meet Tsukuru Tazaki.

20. February 2017 by Hason
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PoetrIE Presents: Jason Magabo Perez SAT 1/14 6PM @ SB Garcia Center for the Arts

PoetrIE is proud to present: Jason Magabo Perez.

Also reading: Elder Zamora and Stefan Karlsson.

WHEN: Saturday January 14, 2017

WHERE: The San Bernardino Garcia Center for the Arts, 526 W. 11th St. San Bernardino, CA 92410

TIME: 6:00-8:00 p.m.

FEE: This event is free but we accept donations. In fact, we strongly encourage them, so that the lights can stay on in the Garcia Center, and so that these readings can continue to be free and open to the public.

Light refreshments will be provided.

Writers will have their books for sale at the event-cash is preferred.

This event is made possible with the generosity of The San Bernardino Garcia Center for the Arts and with the support of Poets & Writers, Inc.

13. January 2017 by Hason
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This for the mostless. (WordTech Editions, Forthcoming 2017)

TITLE: This is for the mostless
AUTHOR: Jason Magabo Perez
PUBLISHER: WordTech Editions
DATE: Forthcoming 2017
DESCRIPTION: This hybrid book of poems, fictions and essays explores abjection, the superhero, the body, love, migration, and Filipino American melancholia.  

NOTE: This is not the final book cover. The book is currently in the revision and design stage! 

12. December 2016 by Hason
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This is what I will work on in 2017:

1. The long stretch of 2016-2017 marks the 40th Anniversary of U.S. v. Narciso and Perez. I’m currently building a tour of readings, performances, lectures, & exhibitions of my body work on the case/history. If you are a programmer/event planner, or you know folks at universities, theaters, &/or museums, please inquire, please holla.

2. What happens when you disarticulate the novel from the book? See above, I think.

3. I want to record and maybe even make some film/video experiments with Phenomenology of Superhero. I want to.

4. I’m revising the manuscript for my first book, This is for the mostless., which will be out Fall 2017 through WordTech Editions. The talentedly talented Amy Abito is on the design.

5. Website clean-up is in order.

29. November 2016 by Hason
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The Passion @ Cal State San Bernardino 10/20 6PM


10. October 2016 by Hason
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Jason Magabo Perez & Kristina Wong @ Antelope Valley College FRI 4/22

Perez and Wong_SPECTRUM SERIES EVENT 2_CG Edit-page-001

16. April 2016 by Hason
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