This for the mostless. (WordTech Editions, Forthcoming 2017)

TITLE: This is for the mostless.
AUTHOR: Jason Magabo Perez
PUBLISHER: WordTech Editions
DATE: Forthcoming 2017
DESCRIPTION: This hybrid book of poems, fictions and essays explores abjection, the superhero, the body, love, migration, and Filipino American melancholia.  

NOTE: This is not the final book cover. The book is currently in the revision and design stage! 

12. December 2016 by Hason
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This is what I will work on in 2017:

1. The long stretch of 2016-2017 marks the 40th Anniversary of U.S. v. Narciso and Perez. I’m currently building a tour of readings, performances, lectures, & exhibitions of my body work on the case/history. If you are a programmer/event planner, or you know folks at universities, theaters, &/or museums, please inquire, please holla.

2. What happens when you disarticulate the novel from the book? See above, I think.

3. I want to record and maybe even make some film/video experiments with Phenomenology of Superhero. I want to.

4. I’m revising the manuscript for my first book, This is for the mostless., which will be out Fall 2017 through WordTech Editions. The talentedly talented Amy Abito is on the design.

5. Website clean-up is in order.

29. November 2016 by Hason
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The Passion @ Cal State San Bernardino 10/20 6PM


10. October 2016 by Hason
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Jason Magabo Perez & Kristina Wong @ Antelope Valley College FRI 4/22

Perez and Wong_SPECTRUM SERIES EVENT 2_CG Edit-page-001

16. April 2016 by Hason
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On Nostalgia

While I should be writing my dissertation, which, I’m learning & realizing, just as I’ve read all over the place & have been told countless times by peers & mentors, is mostly a psychological struggle, I am instead feeling terribly nostalgic & melancholic. I would like to write an essay about this at some point but if I did that now, I’d feel guilty for not working on the dissertation. So, some quick notes:

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14. April 2016 by Hason
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