para sa akin: autohistoria (2012)

4 min. | audio + video

DESCRIPTION: In studying my mother’s history, I explore the trauma of state violence, ethnographic refusal & the poetics of memory.

1. Leonora Perez, interview with artist/author, March 2009.
2. I Was Born With Two Tongues, “Para Sa Isangmahal,” from BROKEN SPEAK, Dennis Kim (vocals and guitar), Emily Chi-Hua Chang (vocals), Anida Yoeu Ali (vocals), Asian Improv Records, CD, 2003.
3. Camcorder Footage of News Broadcasts Playing on a TV Screen, NBC Channel 4, Artist’s/Author’s Personal Archive, 1976-1977.
4. I Was Born With Two Tongues, “Letter to Our Unborn Children,” from BROKEN SPEAK, Dennis Kim (vocals), Emily Chi-Hua Chang (vocals), Anida Yoeu Ali (vocals), Marlon Unas Esguerra (vocals), Asian Improv Records, CD, 2003.

Prof. K. Wayne Yang 

UCSD Media Lab

6 Replies to “para sa akin: autohistoria (2012)”

  1. comandante ramona says:

    wow! what a sensory experience with time, vision and space. re-membering claiming healing. the footage is amazing. the audio is bananas. the poetry moves. i want it to be longer, please. we need more stories like this so bad! plus a cool narciso/perez poster for wheatpasting 😉

    • Hason says:

      Thanks so much for viewing! I’m afraid of making a lengthier piece. That would require me to make more decisions about refusing the ethnographic. I’m still learning the form!

  2. anthony yooshin says:

    this inspired me some brutha. irruptions and remixes, history to truth to poetry to power. looking forward to all the good things to come from these oceanic epistemologies of love.

  3. Jahmese says:


    Such amazing work Jay! Your use of repetition, silence, imagery, blacked out screens, overlapping voices…wow. Film seems like the perfect tool for addressing the injustice your mother experienced and you’ve done it well.

    • Hason says:

      Thanks for all the support, Jahmese! I’m always glad to share my work (creative and otherwise) with you!

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