PNAA Western Regional Conference 7/22

So, as I mentioned before, I was invited to Honolulu by the Philippine Nurses Association of America to give a talk about my mother’s case. Here are some notes I jotted down. I hope to return to them in some way, somehow.

I met Phoebe Andes, founder of PNA New Jersey. Immediately after my talk, she asked for the mic & said, “Jason, I’m emotional.” She explained that nurses in New Jersey kept talking about organizing. They pushed themselves to organize in support of my mother & Filipina Narciso. “I remember,” said Phoebe Andes, “the papers. We had a paper that says, Anatomy of the Narciso-Perez case. I still have that. That’s what we studied in our meetings.”


“My personality,” Phoebe Andes said, “is: I work.”


I’m humbled by this audience, this community. How can I sustain these relationships? How might I pursue collaborations? They kept talking about their struggle to recruit younger Filipina & Filipino nurses. They discussed the generation gap.


What does it mean for one’s work to be peer-reviewed? What if none of the anonymous peers who review your scholarly writing are in fact your peers, your homies, your communities, your families? This: the dilemma of institutionalized (academic) knowledge.


I teach my students to keep in mind whenever they write anything: objective + audience.


Part of me works against the traditional notion of the thesis statement, or main claim, or argument. I simply would like to write in order to explore/examine/search/find. If I’m clear about my objective of exploring & provoking, & I’m clear about who constitutes my audience, am I simply trying to explore in safety?

06. August 2015 by Hason

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  1. Pointing with a mannequin arm. Awesome! Feels powerful to have extra arms.

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