Dr. Jason Magabo Perez is available for speaking engagements and short-term residencies/visits which include a mixture of performance, lecture, film/video screenings, workshop, and seminar. For over fifteen years, Dr. Perez has designed and facilitated art and activism workshops at K-12, college and university classrooms such as Lincoln High School, Southwest High School, Oneonta Elementary School, UC Berkeley and CSU Sacramento, and has delivered keynote addresses at a wide range of events such as the International Conference of the Philippines (ICOPHIL) at Michigan State University and the Philippine Nurses Association of America (PNAA) Conference in Honolulu, Hawaii. Topics include but are not limited to: race, class, gender, immigration, intersectionality, family album histories, critical art practice, storytelling, education, popular culture, hip hop and social justice. A first-generation college graduate raised in an immigrant working-class family, and now longtime college and university educator, Dr. Perez retains an unflagging commitment to justice and dignity for students, workers, and local communities. Dr. Perez crafts short-term residencies/visits according to the needs and desires of your campus, organization, and community. For inquiries, click HERE.

photo courtesy of rain under zara